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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Great Escape(1963)

Director : John Sturges
Cast : Steve McQueen(Capt Hilts), Richard Attenborough(Roger Bartlett) James Garner (Hendley)

Genre: History/ Adventure/ Drama

Plot: A star studded classic based on the real prison break events of WWII in Germany. Germans have set up an escape proof prison camp for the frequent escapees of allied forces. A group of POWs plan a massive escape for 100 plus detainees.

There is something about these pre—generation legends. When a movie begins you find there acts somewhat awkward then—as movie progresses—there persona starts taking over and in the end it's the characters that are left behind with you forever.

This was the exact case with "The Great Escape" as well. You wont ever forget the "Cooler king" Hilts, who is more often than not ends up in cooler-isolation cell or the "squadron leader" Bartlett or the Forger Lt. Blythe or the Aussie tools-magician Sedgwick, frankly all of them are so dear.

The actual escape plan of prisoners and it's preparation is very minutely shown in the movie. Plan was to run out with all the 250 prisoners and three tunnels were dug at one time-Tom, Dick, Harry. Though only 70 prisoners escape and just 20 of them reach there destinations rest are captured and shot dead. But what happens in-between all this is what you need to watch the move for.
Hilts potato acts keep everyone guessing and surprisingly comes out with a potato concoction for 4th of July. His coming back to the prison after escaping was also very admirable. This helped prisoners to plan out the escape routes.

The movie maintains a comic and jolly tone throughout. Germans want to keep the POWs isolated from war but POWs still do what a sworn officer is supposed to do—that is trouble the Germans as much as possible!
The recapture of the 50 prisoner was also a win for them because they drove the German sanity to hell before being captured and failed the enemy's objective of keeping them off war. They participated in their own unique manner!

A must watch.

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