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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Star Trek (2009)

Director : J.J. Abrams
Cast : Chris Pine,Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy,Eric Bana
Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

Plot: James Kirk is born on the day his father dies defending his star-fleet ship. Kirk grows-up to be a troublesome, uninspiring, good-for-nothing twenty something. All this not withstanding, Kirk fulfills his destiny as leadership was always in his blood.

Simply put: a modern day classic which divulges into the origins of an all time classic series!

Star Trek (2009)Star Trek series has always been there but not often it has held its own against the George Lucas's breath-taking and epic-like Star-Wars series. And now with "Indiana Jones" (Harrison Ford) about to hang his boots, "Lord Of The Rings" almost over save The Hobbit (1&2), Terminator not having the same appeal without Schwarzenegger, Mission Impossible series in doubt, Matrix resting in peace for good, James Bond lacking panache, and so on, the lovers of adventure, future fantasy, larger than life movies were wondering what next? So in that regard Star Trek has peaked at the right time. Lucas might revive Star Wars and stage a comeback with his Jedi Knights but that competition will be good for a grandeur showdown.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive of Chris Pine as the ever voracious Cpt.Kirk but he proved me wrong, lead from the front like a true starship captain, and along with Zachary Quinto (Spock) stole the show away. The one high point of Star Trek is in-depth detailing of both these lead characters.

All actors have also given it all. None more than Zachary Quinto playing Spock.Zachary Quinto's thorough preparation and dedication for his role is distinctly visible. He grew his hair longer and dyed it, and shaved his eyebrows. All these highly compliment his dual Vulcan-Human heritage. Perfect casting!
In Zachary Quinto's own words: "I just felt like a nerd. I felt like I was 12 again, you look back at those pictures and you see the bowl cut. I was sporting that look for a good 4 or 5 years. There's no question I was born to play Spock."

This definitely looks the beginning of something grand which will last through this arriving decade (2010-2020).
Quinto and Pine have shown a very heart warming and promising onscreen chemistry.

Star Trek is full action and excitement. There is everything from black holes to time travel to mysterious aliens and anything else a fan of the genre can wish for.

The only drawback of the movie is wasting a talent like Eric Bana as rebellious Nero.

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