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Monday, May 16, 2011

Der Untergang (2004, German)

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Cast: Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara and Ulrich Matthes
Genre: History, Biography

Plot: 'The Downfall' is a peek at Hitler's last ten days through the eyes of his young secretary.

Der Untergang - Downfall (2004, German)
This is the best portrayal of a paranoid Adolf Hitler (Bruno Ganz) that you will ever see onscreen. The war at Berlin is backdrop of the movie and it focuses on life and affected psyche of the Nazis.
Such is the solidity of Bruno Ganz's performance that halfway through the movie,\ you actually feel for Hitler and curse the traitor Generals, SS etc.
Hitler is delusional in his optimism and is moving now non-existent armies to save the third Reich. His leaders are saving their own lives but some are still standing by his side--especially women and young children who are still fighting and dying as heroes for their Fuhrer.
Even though doubtful of his leadership, senior leader and adviser Speer is faithful and a friend to Hitler. He himself disobeyed Fuhrer’s direct controversial orders for the love of German citizen and Hitler's own good. Devout mothers are willing to sacrifice their children realizing that the future Germany won't be Hitler's dreamt, "Germania."

Der Untergang is a detailed study of those final days at the Third Reich. It captures the horror and confusion of people involved that could only be felt by watching this masterpiece.


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