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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Evil Dead III: Army Of Darkness (1992)

Director: Sam Raimi
Cast: Bruce Campbell
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Plot: Ash's battle with the undead is still on. Only this time it has spanned across the timeline.

A typical Evil Dead movie, boisterous as rest of them!

Evil Dead III: Army Of Darkness (1992)
Evil Dead III starts with a brief flashback of Evil Dead II explaining the Necronomicon and how Ash ends up in Medieval England amid war between Lord Arthur and Duke Henry. 
Arthur’s men capture and imprison Ash along with the Duke Henry, his gun and chainsaw are also confiscated. Arthur commands Ash to be thrown in a Deadite-pit. He kills the Deadite after Arthur's Wise Man gives him back his weapon--the chainsaw. Ash becomes a hero, falls in love with a dead knight’s sister Sheila and realizes he is in fact the prophesied Savior.
Then begins the outrageous battle between mortal and the undead which is hilarious! Watch out for Ash’s idiotic antics, his duplicate deadite, and broken to pieces mirrored image.
In the end good prevails over evil and our in-a-way dumb hero returns to the future. But what his arrogance brings along the trail? Well, that’s another matter!


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