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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roommates (1995)

Director: Peter Yates
Cast: Peter Falk, D.B. Sweeney, Julianne Moore.
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Plot: An aesthetically made movie about an old man and his grandson.

The first thought that comes to mind after watching this movie: Extremely under rated!

Rocky (Peter Falk) is a full of life, young-at-heart old man. Michael Holeczak (Sweeney) is his grandson who loses his parents at a very young age. Rocky takes him in and eventually Michael grows up to become a doctor. 

Rocky now lives alone but soon is told to move out to be placed in a retirement home. He refuses stubbornly as an old man does. Michael finally convinces Rocky to come and live with him.   
Their lives now move together and despite of all the consistent tussles they have an unconditional bond of love. Rocky even helps Michael win his girl (Moore), get married and raise a family. 

Every road has a few bumps and out of the blue their happy family is struck by tragedies.
Michael is distraught and it is his wife and grandfather who bring him solace at different times.
Rocky is diagnosed with cancer, though he soon recovers to see Michael and his children through their biggest loss.
Rocky stays with his grandson through the thick and thin but is worried he won’t always be there for him. In the end, Rocky makes his grandson realize he must grow stronger to face adversities by himself.  

The movie is plain lovely and Peter Falk, as an eccentric old man, delivers a powerful performance.


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