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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor (2011)

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston,
Genre: Action, Adventure

Plot: The Norse God has been banished from Asgard to Earth.

Thor (Hemsworth) is a carefree and vivacious Norse god of lighting and thunder whose recklessness - combined with his younger half-brother Loki’s treachery - force high father Odin to exile him from Asgard.
He is devoured of his powers and his hammer Mjölnir has been separated from him till the time he proves himself worthy again.
On earth he falls for archaeologist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman - yes not a nurse/doctor of comic!).
Back in Asgard an illness has put Odin to sleep and Loki proclaims himself ruler of Asgard.  
Thor’s friends in Asgard decide to help him but Loki realizes this and wrecks havoc on Earth.
Thor finally gets back his hammer and defeats Loki. While doing this Thor has to destroy the across-realm portal, hence he is stuck in now peaceful Asgard and his heart is left with Jane Foster on Earth.

It is a complete popcorn entertainment and actors deliver as expected. Kat Dennings is pretty to look at but has nothing much to do in the movie! Anthony Hopkins, as always, makes his presence felt in a short role.  

Story is nothing ground breaking just the usual stuff but execution and casting is fantastic, more like perfect. And Asgard does look like a realm of Gods!

Thor would have been far superior if it was made like Hulk, with plenty of time devoted to character development. Especially more focus on background details of Thor and his hammer Mjölnir would have been ideal.
Present movie seems more like a hurried introduction of Thor to the non marvel-comic aware audience, so that when Avengers is out nobody is asking ‘who is he’!!

Graphics and Sfx are good but they don’t require glasses! I didn’t even use mine.
In fact 3-D ruins some scenes like the Canvas shot of Asgard.
Realm of Asgard is all gold and it always has a emanating orangish tinge – especially at sunrise and sunset. But 3-D renders it a bit darker in tone.

Those who enjoy their Marvel comics religiously and watch the movies diligently – the post credits especially – will know something grand is just around the corner!
The trend that started with Hulk and Iron-Man movies continues with Thor, if anything it has become lengthier!
We have already been hinted on an Iron Man – Hulk showdown as well as Captain America’s comeback (Captain America is out in July 2011). Avengers are definitely gearing up for the big showdown, with S.H.I.E.L.D agents and Nick Fury prancing around all over. Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson) has also been introduced. And Norse God is here too!
Now only scenario that looks fit enough to feature all the Avengers, including Iron Man and Thor, will be “Banishment of Hulk” from Earth. The way things are going with Avengers 2012 release it will be the likely plot.
 But that will possibly leave our pretty lass Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) out of the fray or with a petty role! And right now the way things are going for our petite goddess that’s highly improbable!

So another scenario, following on the heels of Avengers that will have plenty for Jane Foster, could be “Defiance of infamous Superhero Registration act” where all these forces combine again. Green Lantern (June 2011) is out as well which makes for inclusion of a tempting JLA angel as well!

But there is a third scenario as well!
The Paramount and Marvel Entertainment bosses might have just thrown the ball in the audiences’ court to see their response. And they still have not finalized the plot that will culminate together all these superhero franchises including Green Lantern currently held by Warner Bros. Anyways who would want cut open a Golden goose!

Back to Thor! Even though it's not a grand epic - that I expected will welcome a legendary God - it is worth all your money with some mind boggling action sequences.

 7.5/10                                                             Source: http://www.worldcinemareviews.co.cc/
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  1. Finally! Avengers all set to assemble against Loki in 2012!


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