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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inception (2010)

Director: Christopher Nolan
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page
Genre: Science Fiction

Christopher Nolan takes your mind for a ride!

Inception (2010)
Another super movie by the 'now' Master; almost flawless. And that's where its weakness lies! Nolan's only movie that I never repeated because everything was so explicit in the first watch only. Strength of a Nolan movie is, you try to find some missing piece or a wrongly fitted one (read a flaw) and hence you see the film again. E.g., Memento, Prestige.

Another reason you repeat a Nolan movie is its immaculate narration or because it is a sheer masterpiece. E.g. Batman Begins, Dark Knight. Inception can't be placed in any of these categories. It's rather unlike Nolan, and with all those extra special-effects feels more like a Cameron movie!

Every Nolan movie gives you a sense of uniqueness, this didn't seem original as a concept. Anyone who has read those numerous B-grade Golden graphic novels or even Marvel comics; especially about some particular X-Men mutants who have been into the depths of mind before Nolan, will know what I am talking about here. And in case you still have your doubts, read about Incubus and his female version ( I don't recall the name) who have been playing with our mind for centuries!

Acting-wise every one delivers as expected. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a promising prospect and this is another feather in his cap after critically acclaimed "The Lookout." Caprio's had a few shades of his earlier work and he reminds you of "Shutter Island" a bit.
Agreed, every movie is inspired from or based on something, but being a huge fan of Nolan and with all that hype surrounding Inception the expectations were so high .Though expectations didn't exactly come down crashing for me--even though this review sounds like so! I did enjoy the film thoroughly :)

Nolan, after all a  human, is expected to come up with a masterpiece every time, which he invariably does.
Same film by some other lesser director would have received more accolades  but from Nolan you expect more than just adding a few layers to dreams which have been traversed before.

Definitely a must watch. For goodness sake it is a complete film :)


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