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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Unforgiven (1992)

Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman
Genre: Western

Plot: The biggest names in Hollywood come together to revive what was long dead, and they do it in styleWestern makes a come back!

Unforgiven 1992

Clint Eastwood has done more westerns (actor/director) than anyone else I can think of. However, instead of being banal, each one of his films is a masterpiece in its own rights. In the same wild west setting there are such subtle variation in script and approach that you can only admire the master at work.

Once notorious killers and partners: William Munny (Eastwood) and Ned (Freeman) are now leading simple farm lives, separately. Munny’s beloved wife is dead and he has completely given up his old ways—whiskey and gun. Until, the economy forces them to take up a last job after a gap of almost eleven years. This last job is more about retaliation than money, though. The task will require them to lock horns with dangerous Little Bill (Hackman)—the sheriff, rather ruler, of the town of Big Whiskey, and they will pay a hefty price.

To clean any place somebody must get hands dirty and, inevitably, the chore falls into Munny’s hands. A little wary at the onset, in the end Munny is at peace with his inner self and realizes he must be who he is without a guilty conscious.

Another superb directorial effort by Eastwood. Timing, chemistry, perception and many other things might go awry when such heavy weights are involved; Eastwood shrewdly avoids that by giving them all personalized breathing space.

Eastwood had to ensure Munny isn’t swashbuckling like his “Dollar Trilogy” character and does a stupendous job on that. Gene Hackaman as a domineering sheriff is nothing less than mesmerizing.

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  1. Nice review... you have summed it pretty well. I, however, would give it 9.

    1. Pretty sure I'll up the ratings with a second watch :)

      Between, you won't believe this, Ebert originally rated it only a 2.5!!


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