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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Story (1983)

Director: Bob Clark
Genre: Comedy

A Christmas Story (1983)
Plot: "just like the one your Dad had!"

One of the best Christmas movies you'll see and it is nothing like Clark’s bummer ‘Baby Geniuses’!

‘Christmas Story’ is a hell of a joyride where you get to feel the ultimate high of revisiting your own childhood. It’s like...Clark turned into a kid himself to direct this movie. In every aspect this film is near perfect—immaculate cast, stupendous role-play by everyone (mother, father, kids, teacher, bully etc!), and a lighthearted, perfect for Christmas, script based on some short stories.

Few scenes are simply unmatchable examples of top notch direction that required Clark to not only have a good understanding of situation but also a connection from his own past at an emotional level.
  • Case in point - the ‘soap-poisoning’ scene where the protagonist Ralphie fantasizes (like most kids do!) an entire sequence that shows how he makes his parents feel guilty for punishing him! He drifts-off into his little, routine fantasy in a sad mood with tears on face but by its end, he has a smile/satisfaction on face.
  • Another scene, that is perfection personified in terms of acting too, is Ralphie’s fight with the big bully—watch out for Ralphie’s expressions while he turns from a near cry-baby to a ferocious, raging bull! Kind of reminded me of a 'young me' at some point of time ;)  
Each and every character emanate the vibes that make you believe as if you are watching a real-life family caught on hidden cameras. You feel yourself being a part of it and enjoy the day-to-day laughs with the family.           

To top it all, engrossing and hilarious narration by an adult Ralphie keeps you glued into the movie throughout!

What more! I want a Red Ryder BB gun right now ;)


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