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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

Director: Brad Bird
Cast: Tom Cruise
Genre: Action

 Plot: 'Top Gun' is back on the hunt!

Ghost Protocol
A full-blown entertainer with some scenes/stunts you would love to repeat again.

The movie won't show you anything that hasn't been shown on-screen before apart from world's tallest building and some high-tech gadgetry that simply blow your mind away.
The gadgets are way cooler than all earlier movies and good enough to rival Bond flicks. Compared to the previous comparatively darker MI3, MI4 has some pretty good laughs in it.

The Indian audience is in for some disappointment. Anil Kapoor’s role was supposed to be of a billionaire Playboy but he looked more like nutjob and comedian--rather a sidekick of a comedian as Simon Pegg was already doing the job decently! He reminded me more Shakti Kapoor--the Indian comic actor!

MI4 features some daring stunts and by the interval your adrenaline is rushing very high. You want it to reach the level next and end the crescendo with a big-bang. That doesn't happen. The climax sequence in India, that had to be grand, leaves you in want for more action--it rather ends meekly.

The way it was publicized, most of us MI4 franchise fans, expected to see the best action movie of the year or even last decade! Don't go-in with too many expectations and you'll enjoy it more than I did!


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