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Saturday, March 10, 2012

War Horse (2011)

Director: Steven Spielberg

War Horse (2011)
Not enjoying a Spielberg movie is a tough ask and this one is no exception. 

Visually grand and entertainment-wise sating, it does (somewhat) misses out on sentiments a little. Not that it isn’t 'emotional enough' but when your plot focuses on animals—dog, horse, dolphin, etc.—you expect the film to leave you either overjoyed or heart wrenched. It does both, albeit, only to a certain extent. 

Come to think of it, some animal-films that managed to wow the audience sans the Spielberg-esque budget are ‘Spirit of the Stallion’, ‘Red Dog’, ‘Hachiko’, ‘Free Willy’ etc.  

Spielberg also introduces Celine Buckens as young Emilie. We may be seeing more of her in future—reminds you of other young actors in Spielberg’s movies like Haley Joel Osment or Dakota Fanning.

A good 3d movie too and indeed worth a theater watch—in fact most of the film industry stalwarts are doing a fine job with 3d now. I only await the release of ‘The Hobbit’ which is supposed to take the movie watching experience to level-next.  

Warhorse is a good mix of comedy, sentiments, action—a sure-shot commercial success formula.

Joey the horse is obviously best part of the movie.


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