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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winter in Wartime (2008, Dutch - Oorlogswinter)

Director: Martin Koolhoven

Winter in Wartime-Dutch - Oorlogswinter
Set toward the fag end of WWII, this film is a visual treat with its breathtaking scenery and snow clad Dutch landscapes.

Holland is still under Nazi control and there are secretly active resistance networks all across the country. Dutch youngsters, obviously, hate the Germans and create trouble for them at every opportune moment. Film revolves around one such Dutch boy, Michiel (Martijn Lakemeier).

Some scenes, like the one where a German soldier rescues a drowning Dutch boy while the natives just stand-by and watch, are simply top notch. Highlight of this particular scene is the befuddled expression on the face of young boy who always believed all the Germans to be devils.  

No spoilers ahead just mentioning a sort of twist. Apart from the last half an hour of the movie--where an unnecessary twist ruins it a little--I would say it could very well have been a classic. The entire movie dealt with a higher cause and was striding toward greatness, and all of a sudden there is this bolt from the blue and films concludes in a clich├ęd manner, with focus on ‘just a man.’

Overall it seemed like a highly evolved and creative piece of film-making, other than the ending, that seemed rather immature/underdeveloped.

Decent screenplay, good acting--especially Michiel's. Climax somewhat ruing what it could have been.

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