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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus (2012)

Director: Ridley Scott
Genre: Sci-fi
Cast: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron

Toward Origin
Plot: It is not where and how Alien/Aliens began, it is where and how everything began.

Prometheus starts with a well thought out Earth seeding scene that is later on corroborated by another DNA matching scene. As is the case with a Ridley Scott film, it isn’t aliens dancing onscreen all the time but the slow-paced narrations builds it toward an expected epic climax and the haunting visual grandeur keeps you glued in. However, the climax never picks up and rather disappoints—from what we know universe started with a big-bang, so expecting a few little bangs while unraveling the mystery of the‘Origin’ isn’t being too farfetched.

The plot ‘engineered humans’ is something I used to think about a lot in my childhood and the film/plot raising the same questions excited me a lot. Prometheus does arouse interest and curiosity but choosing not to answer any questions leaves someone like me wanting for more and dissatisfied—we understand the plot; we know the plot and can relate to it being kind of unmanageable due to its sheer extraneousness but from someone like Ridley Scott we expect a few answers. Though he does try to uncover a few layers but leaves it at that…which is justified in case there’s a sequel in offing. 

Would have loved to see more of Guy Pearce in that TED talk and Michael Fassbander from the pre release viral videos—those were some things I was hoping to see more of! Noomi Rapace does a fine job, especially with her British accent, and some of the best scenes from the film cast her fighting for survival—automated surgery scene being one. Charlize Theron has hardly anything to do, her character seemed forced at times—that’s two forgettable roles in a row for someone as capable as her.

Ridley confirms Prometheus isn’t exactly a prequel to Alien/Aliens but you we do get to see a somewhat similar alien in the escape pod.

Sadly, a onetime watch from Ridley Scott, though you may watch it again for its visual brilliance, neat special effects and state of the art future gadgetry/equipments; plus, the effort in scoping out those Alien world-like locales is totally worthwhile.

Personally, I would enjoy a movie with Prometheus’s pace more on my laptop with headphones plugged in instead of a theatre watch. Primary reason for that: idiotic chatterboxes who either don’t understand a film or are not into a particular genre but instead of leaving the theater they carry on their with incessant gossips, mobile talks and mocking. Agreed, a film doesn’t always have to be intelligent and cinema is actually more about entertainment. So to such blockheads I request, go watch a ‘Dude Where’s My Car’ or a ‘Tashan’ and be happy about it.   
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  1. May download and watch again some time! So, not a one-time watch!


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