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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005, Mongolian)

Director: Byambasuren Davaa

This Mongolian/German films reminds me of a Nat-Geo show (or Discovery, don't exactly remember the name). There was an episode based on the lives of Tibetans living a bit nomadic life. I just loved it, but it was way too short!

This movie is somewhat similar. A family living in a Yurt, far away from any civilization. They depend on cattle for food and any earnings. Their young (eldest of the three siblings) daughter is studying in the city under some youth/poor beneficiary scheme. Movie begins with her arrival back home in vacations.

If you are expecting any over-the-top plot in it then you 'll be disappointed."Yellow Dog" is more like those bed-time stories your grandmother might have told you! It focuses on the lifestyles of these always-on-the-move people. The daughter finds a dog and father won't let her keep it.

And, without any spoilers, you all can easily guess movie ends up with the dog being a family member.
It is the way the story has been told and the performance of the family (real family--so there is no acting) which is commendable. There are scenes which remind you of your childhood. Like the cloud-spotting game.

It has to be watched to be loved. The background score is so soothing (don't know about its origin) and movie on the whole can be described as short, sweet and "Lovely".

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  1. M also Big Fan of to Write Something Different from Other I like ur approach Dude ,,,!! I think U should Continue Ur writing Skill with arena of bigger platform,,,!!

  2. Thanks for the appreciation! Got to start somewhere.Actually I started some years back but couldn't continue.


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