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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Excalibur (1981)

Director: John Boorman
Cast: Helen Mirren, Nicol Williamson, Gabriel Byrne

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Plot: The mythical legend of King Arthur, the mightiest of all swords-Excalibur and the king of magic-Merlin have all come together in this epic tale of knights and castles and kingdoms.

Merlin has borrowed the mystical Excalibur from the lady of the water to unite a shattering kingdom under the leadership of brave king Uther. Enemy king Cornwall realizes immense power of Excalibur and agrees on a truce. What follows is a night of celebration where Uther can't contain his lust for Igrayne- beautiful wife of Cornwall. And the truce is broken.
Uther besieges Cornwall's castle, draws him out and kills him. With Merlin's help Uther transforms himself into Cornwall's physical form and consummates with Igrayne. Nine months later a child is born and as promised, Uther gives the child to Merlin.
But the father in him follows Merlin to the jungle where he is ambushed by Cornwall's loyal knights. Before dying Uther plants the sword into a rock and proclaims no one but he himself will draw the sword out again. Merlin cats a spell to make sure only Uther's blood can draw the Excalibur out.

After 16 years Uther's son Arthur- a squire; pulls out the sword from the rock. Arthur is declared a king but some Knights don't recognize him and there is battle. Arthur fights in it and wins the hearts of all the knights with his humility. He is now formally declared a knight and a king. All the knights swear their allegaince to King Arthur and the whole kingdom prospers under a wise king.
The king's bravest knight Lancelot is in love with Guenevere- king's wife. He restrains himself by living an exiles life. Cornwall's daughter Morgana, Arthur's half sister knows about Lancelot's feeling and plans to destroy Arthur's kingdom.
Merlins is now all tried and sees the arrival of science and christianity to replace magic. Morgana disagrees with him and seduces him to reveal all his secrets.She then imprisons Merlin in his own cave.
In the meantime Guenevere runs out to the forest and finds Lancelot. They make love and fall asleep. Arthur finds them sleeping together but can't hurt them.So he drives excalibur back into the Earth.
Later, Morgana disguised as Guenevere has sex with a delusional Arthur. Arthur is heart broken and the kingdom is suffering now.
Only the holy grail can heal Arthur os his delirium. For years all the knights search it everywhere and many are killed by Morgana and her evil son Mordred. A knight Perceval escapes from the clutches of Morgana and brings the holy grail to Arthur, who drinks from it and retains is former self. He then finds Guenevere who gives him Excalibur back.
Arthur calls for Merlin's help who comes out as a spirit and tricks Morgana into losing all her powers. An angry Mordred kills now old wraith like Morgana.Arthur fights with Mordred's army.Lancelot also comes to his aide as well. Using Excalibur, Arthur kills Mordred but is mortally wounded. He commands Percevel to throw the sword back into the water.He does so and the lady of the water takes it back.
Back on the battlefield Percevel sees Arthur's body sailing away to heaven of the braves.

Drawbacks: Average cinematography and acting by almost whole of the cast. Does get a bit tedious. Only the legend of king Arthur keeps the movie going.

Watch it only if you have a fad for King Arthur stories!
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