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Friday, February 4, 2011

Postmen in the Mountains (1999, Chinese)

Director: Jianqi Huo
Cast: Ye Liu, Hao Chen
Genre: Drama/Adventure

Top notch Chinese cinema.

Plot: A postmen has been been delivering mails in the treacherous mountainous region of Hunan province. The hardships of the job forces him to an early retirement, and his son must take over.

His wife---a mountain local girl--and son hardly get to see him.This ruptures the father-son relationship, as the young son further witnesses pain of separation for her mother.
Now an aging father has to retire and son takes up the tough job. Father assigns his responsible four legged companion Buddy to his son, for his first ever mail route. Ever so faithful Buddy won't leave the father, so he plans to accompany him on a last mail route.
On this difficult journey the son finally realizes how hard his father had to work and what a sensitive human being he is.Father often goes beyond his job to help the needy-especially an old Granny.Son realizes his father might not be a revered official but he has the unconditional love of the villagers.
The place is far-off from any modernization though there are a few tinges of it now,which father can't associate with but the son does.
The father also learns from his son how much sacrifice the mother made and how emotional it was for her to stay alone-away from her friends and family in the mountain.
"Postmen..." beautifully captures the developing bond between a father-son duo and how they start respecting each other. Buddy is so very loving and plays a huge role in the bonding of the two. The 'being-male' thing prevents any direct show of affection between father-son, so it is touching to see how love works between them through Buddy--their ever faithful companion.

Kudos to the director for representing family, love, relationships in such a divine-like manner.

Highly recommended.

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