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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Secret Of The Nimh (1982)

Director: Don Bluth
Cast: Derek Jacobi, Elizabeth Hartman, Dom DeLuise
Genre: Animation

Plot: Ploughing season is here and a field mouse--Mrs. Brisby--must move her family to safety before it's too late. As ill fate would have it, her son falls sick and moving him could be deadly.

Secret Of The Nimh (1982)
Mrs. Brisby must brave a visit to the great Owl who advices her to approach Nicodemus--the leader of the wise rats--for help. Why and how they would help her? Who are these wise Rats? Well watch the movie for the answers as these answers contain spoilers!

Watch out for the Crow. He's one funny guy!

It is a short and sweet tale of love, courage, and loyalty.


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