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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Witch Hunt (2008)

Director: Don Hardy Jr. Dana
Cast: Sean Penn, Jackie Cummings, Jack Cumming
Genre: Documentary/Crime

You find it hard-to-believe that, at times, world is full of stupidity and pomp beyond imagination? Watch this!!

Witch Hunt
Witch hunt is one of the most hard hitting and unbelievable documentaries which account the events in American county of Bakersfield in 1980s to present decade.

The newly appointed DA goes all out on a blind and scandalous arrest spree plus convictions, which are based on nothing but some partial and tampered facts gathered by an overtly enthusiastic social workers group--clearly lacking any professional training.

At the core of the movie are the parents of young children’s labeled as Pedophiles. These true events and subsequently generated publicity changed the mindset of America back then, in a big way.

The irony is culprit is still at loose--not just loose but in an esteemed government position, which I am sure most Indians will relate to easily :)

One might argue this is only telling one side of the story but if watched attentively, your argument will fail. Moreover, the real culprits choosing not to be part of documentary (citing some other commitments) further indicates their involvement.

The fact that a person had to serve an excruciatingly long term (20 years!) and many others a little less; plus some are still unclear and some have died convicted as molesters--for no clear fault of their own, shock you more far than any blood-gore thriller.

The emotions can't be acted out like this unless they are real. A clear-cut peek into the truth.

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